Friday, June 19, 2015

One Needn't Be a Jersey Girl to Wear a Jersey Dress

Nothing beats a jersey dress for easy dressing, especially in summer. They've been a standby for me for years, and I always have a few in my closet. I bought this Vogue pattern a year or two ago and have been waiting to find a perfect fabric for it. Unfortunately I never found one, but finally this year I found a fabric I thought I could live with, and went for it.

And here's the result. It looks a bit sack-like on the dressmaker's form but it doesn't when I get it on. I went with the sleeveless view as the three-quarter sleeve is a bad look on me. My only modifications were made for the sake of fit. The bodice is cut in a size 14, the skirt in a 12 as I am a size bigger above the waist than I am down below, and I also had to add 4 inches of length to the bodice in order to make room for my chest. Otherwise the dress's waistline would have been right under my bustline. This is a "very easy" pattern, but I actually found it a challenge to get the pleats in the neckline just so. I must have redone them three or four times and still don't think I got them quite right. When it got to the point that I was afraid the fabric wasn't going to stand up to any more stitching and ripping, I just decided it would have to do. The fabric, which is a graphic red check print, isn't quite my style but does go perfectly with a red trench coat, which I'm really happy about.

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