Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Bookmark This!

This is such a dead simple project, but I can't resist showing off the set of pretty bookmarks I made in just 5 minutes, using pinking shears and some old greeting cards.

A few days ago I got frustrated at having to mark my books with paper clips, paint chip strips, tissues, or whatever even less attractive and suitable objects were lying around. I considered buying some bookmarks, but I haven't sufficient income even to live on at present, so I soon decided against that. Instead, I started thinking about what I had on hand that could be used to make some nice bookmarks.

My thoughts soon roved to the pile of Christmas, birthday, sympathy, and thank you cards stashed away in what I think of as my "art collage supply box" because they were too beautiful to toss in the recycling bin and I had vague intentions of making something out of them someday. Then the light bulb went off and "project brain mode" was activated. I sorted through the cards, picking out some that weren't too Christmassy, and cut the bookmarks from them freehand, taking some care to get the edges straight and to crop the images attractively. And then I called it a day. I could have added tassels, but I like these bookmarks exactly as they were and thought the tassels would be more likely to be a nuisance than to add much to the looks and utility of these bookmarks.

And as a knitter, seamstress, crafter, home renovator, writer, and editor, I'll just say I am TOTALLY not used to having my projects prove to be so quick, easy, unproblematic, and free.

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