Friday, August 9, 2019

A Lacklustre Birthday Gift

My grand-nephew Bug has just turned six, and this momentous occasion called for a sweater.

Months ago, I searched Ravelry for a suitable pattern. I had come across the one pictured above, which is Metamorphic, designed by Lisa K. Ross, several times before when searching for a pattern for Bug, and always liked it. I decided this year was its turn -- and that I may make him another when he's older, as the pattern runs from sizes 6 months to 3XL Adult. For yarn, I purchased 100 grams of Drops Karisma Uni Colour in Blanco, 50 grams of Sandnes Garn Perfect in grayish blue, and 100 grams of Sandnes Garn Perfect in charcoal during Romni Wool's July sale. There was a pearl gray Sandnes Garn Perfect that I would have liked to switch out for the white, but Romni only had one skein left and I needed two.

And here's the finished item. The pattern seemed fine as to accuracy and clarity in general. I did need to go back to Romni and get a third skein of the charcoal yarn, as I ran short by half a sleeve -- to my great relief, they had some left. I'm not thrilled with the result. The colourway looks a bit dull. I took longer than I should have to knit it because it was such a blah project to work on. I wish I'd put a contrast colour with a little more zip in it -- such as a bright blue or a red -- in the centre section. Oh well, what's knitted is knitted. I am sure Bug will think his sweater is fine and will be willing to wear it, and that in any case he will be much more taken up with the pirate kit, dinosaur activity kit, and Spiderman light he's getting with it.