Tuesday, January 15, 2019

The New Snow Hat & Scarf

At some point last year I realized that though I have a number of hat and scarf sets that I love (i.e., this plum set, this peacock feather hat, this teal hat, this variegated set, this old rose set, plus a few more commercially made thrift shop hats and scarves), they were all in such an array of vivid colours and patterns that sometimes I could not find one in my hat and scarf basket that would go with an outfit that had decided colours or patterns of its own. I decided I ought to have a neutral hat and scarf set that would go with all my coats and all my outfits and then I'd be sure to always have a hat and scarf set to wear.

For this project (My very first of 2019! It's like walking in new snow!), I was very practical. Some of my hats are in fingering weight and/or lacy, which may be aesthetically pleasing but is not all that well suited to a Toronto winter. For this project I determined I would use a pattern that was solidly knit and called for worsted wool. I searched Ravelry for a suitable pattern. In the end I settled on one I had used before, when I made this coral hat and scarf set for my sister, the Day's Eye Hat. As for the yarn, I selected Berroco Ultra Wool in a cream shade.

And here's the finished project. It worked up pretty quickly. I began the project on December 31st and finished on January 11th. My only mod was to add five extra rows to the first cable motif for extra drape, as the pattern itself suggests. There's no scarf pattern, but I adapted the motif from the hat, knitted it to the required length on straight needles, and then edged the resulting piece with a twisted ribbing, just as I had done the previous time I used the Day's Eye pattern. The Ultra Wool held out MUCH better than the yarn I used for the coral hat. I had 300 grams of it and was only able to make the hat and a 4' scarf. This time I made the hat and a 5'6" scarf out of 270 grams of yarn.

And now I am sure to have a hat that'll go with any outfit I cobble together, and I'll never have to head out the door looking, as my mother would put it, "like a bald buzzard".

I had 30 grams of the cream yarn left. It was new yarn, so that's a stash increase of 30 grams.

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