Wednesday, December 2, 2015

Lavender's Blue Dilly Dilly & If I Get Moths I'm Screwed

Last week I found, to my horror, that moths had gotten into my sweater drawer. I did some research on how to deal with the problem, and discovered that while the main preventative measures are vigilance and cleanliness, some lavender sachet bags might help a little. I have such a long sewing list right now that I thought I'd buy the sachet bags. I visited several dollar stores to get those little organza bags that dollar stores always seem to carry, but had no luck. (There ought to be a word or a term for the experience of finding that dollar stores suddenly don't have a particular item that they always seem to have in stock at the time that you need it. The Germans probably have a word for it.) I checked Michaels and found they only sell the bags in lots of 30, and I didn't need that many.

I then resigned myself to sewing the sachets. I found this tutorial, which also has some helpful advice about how long the lavender will last (a few years at least) and tips for making it last longer (massage the bag with your fingers, or add a few drops of essential oil)

And these are my version of the sachet bags. They look rather pretty, it took me less than two hours to make them, and it was nice, after all, not to have to buy a single thing for this project. I used some fabric I had left over from making duvet storage bags for the linen closet, a reel of ribbon I had in my ribbon canister, and dried lavender from my own garden. I treated the cut ends of the ribbon with Fray Check -- always a good idea when decorating anything with fabric ribbon. And then the sachets got tucked away in each of the shelves and drawers that hold my sweaters as well as in the scarves and hats basket that sits on the hall closet shelf, as I once had moths in there too. May the sachets work as intended. There's nothing like moths to strike terror into the heart of a knitter.

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