Saturday, February 7, 2015

Bug's Birthday Sweater

My grandnephew Bug will be turning two this year. I'm being very frugal just now (out of dire necessity, not out of virtue, alas), so when I planned his birthday sweater, I looked specifically for a free pattern that could be made with yarn I already had. I selected this one, the Everyday Pullover Sweater, designed by Raya Budrevich. It's simple yet eye catching and manages to avoid being a "stripe across the chest" style that is so cliché in men and boys' wear.

And here's my version of the Everyday Pullover Sweater, size two, in dark blue and lime green acrylic worsted. Since I am sure Bug will be unimpressed with a sweater as a gift (toddler boys would just as soon not wear any clothes at all), I have also bought him a bag of blocks.

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  1. I love your matter-of-fact, tongue-in-cheek, "...I have also bought him a bag of blocks." You are too funny. ;-)

    I have now spent over two hours browsing and reading your two, lovely blogs. Thanks for all of the entertainment, knitting expertise and insight, laughs, and (perhaps most refreshing of all when one reads anything online...) proper grammar! I have bookmarked you and will be back for many more good, long reads in the future.

    Happy knitting, Amy