Monday, November 3, 2014

Fine Linen, Bright and Clean

This sewing project began with my notion that I could use a new spring and summer jacket, something neutral that I could wear with everything. I was at Fabriclands and selected some ivory linen for the project, and then I found a pattern for it. I used Simplicity 2256 for it, as seen above, namely the version made in camel-coloured fabric on the right. I liked the lapels. I originally bought the pattern and materials back in the spring of 2012, began work on it in January 2014 and am just now finishing it. Yes, this does mean I let two springs and summers go by in which I could have been enjoying the jacket, but it also means I have a definite jump on the 2015 season. I am therefore awesome.

And this is my version, shown here buttoned over a dress I made years ago. It turned out well enough, though I do regret my selection of pattern. It's an attractive jacket in itself but any sort of empire line is a bad idea for my figure. This is going to make me look dumpy. Oh well, it's wearable enough and when I eventually spill something on it as I am sure to do, I can replace it.

This jacket pattern didn't call for a lining, but I lined it anyway with a poly satin. Linen doesn't feel that nice against the skin, this linen was sheer enough that not only every seam but whatever I was wearing underneath was going to show through, and the lining also will add a little bit of warmth to the jacket.

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