Saturday, February 1, 2014

Vested Interest

My first finished knitting project of 2014 employed this pattern, Phoebe's Vest, designed by Daniela Nii. It's fresh take on the argyle vest. I loved the subtle colourway and the careful finishing and shaping of the design.

And here's my version of it. I used Drops Baby Alpaca Silk and Mini Alpakka yarn for this project.

I'm really not thrilled with the colourway I went with, or to be precise, with that tomato red. The store where I bought the yarn didn't have quite what I wanted, so I settled for the tomato red, and now I wish I'd kept looking in other stores for the third colour. I had fondly imagined this vest would go with a couple of print blouses that I own, but it turns out it won't, because of that tomato red. This vest doesn't even go all that well with the dark brown skirt in this photo. I do have a pair of wool trousers that will go with this vest, but I can't put trousers on a dressmaker's form. Oh well. At least it's done. This was a time-consuming item. I think it took a good three evenings just to darn in the ends.

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